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Mr. Jacques Tamer (Candidate)

Name Mr. Jaques Tamer
Born in Beirut, Mousaitbeh, register 814
Father Philip Tamer
Mother Hortens Boulos Tamer
Married to Lina Farah, has five children, two boys and three girls
Academic Acquisition A bachelor degree in commercial and business administration. currently he is the general director of the New Mar -Elias Institution and School

Jacques Tamer is a descendant of a national Arabic family. His family members had strong connection with all the national and political leaders of post-Independence Lebanon. Some have been history-books personalities involved in shaping modern day Lebanon. Thus, situations, opinions and decisions flew out of him.

His father, Philip Tamer, is a well-known personality of the Lebanese society. Also, he was one of the pioneers in the economic and development fields. He was at the head of the Lebanese industrial association for all his life. He nominated himself for the parliamentary elections in the fifties.

His Mother is the honorable, daughter of Najeeb Boulos, who was elected a member of the parliament on behalf of Koura section more than once. He also partook in more than one ministry since the era of President Alfred Nakash, all through the days of President Besharah Al-Khoury, then President Fouad Shehab. Mrs. Hortense Boulos Tamer relived the suffering of the poor and the deprived of her country and enlisted herself to offer them an honorable life. She took a special interest in promoting the education and knowledge among those who couldn’t afford institutional schooling. She established an educational edifice, considered one of biggest educational edifices at the time. Jaques Tamer dashed from this climate, working in more than one field. He established the Hortense Charity Association for social welfare. This association was particularly active during the war for the distribution of aid in food subsidies and medical expenses, offering scholarships without regards to sect or geography.

He established the Lebanese Archery Association due to his beliefs that sport could gather youths and never separate them. He simply acted on the saying that " a healthy mind is in a healthy body.’’ He also established the Democratic Lebanese Movement after he tested the sweetness and bitterness of life and after he lived thru the period of last incidents, in which all the covenants and values fell down along with the virtues that our people believed in. He assured that Lebanon is a free master country, independent and final for all his sons, and no citizen has the priority on other except for his loyalty to his country.

Lebanese Independence Day Celebration in Ashrafieh During the Lebanese Independence Day celebration in Ashrafieh (23/11/97). Show from left to right are:
  • Mr. Jamil Shammas (Member of Parliament)
  • The representative Minister Ghazi Seif El-Dinn
  • Mr. Jacques Tamer
  • Brigadier Sami El-Khatib (Member of Parliament)
  • The representative of the Lebanese Army Commander in Chief
  • Mr. Abed El-Hamid Beydoun (Member of Parliament)
  • Archbishop Khalil Abi Nader

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