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We Are Futurists

News and Information No / 405 AD


A ferocious war overtook Lebanon. It terminated its development and prosperity. It destroyed his economical structure, broke its political bases, and teared up its social unity.

The war is over. We were thankful for its end. But also we recognized the wide horror that had afflicted us. The imposed goals and efforts are clear. They require and impose high firmness and new steps which contradict the mistakes of the past and which push us up to a new advanced society, and a more developed state.

Towards this goal, we are futurists. We look towards the desired coming of a new Lebanon. We are not content of the present, but we are aware of the new challenges. We are concerned for the future, for it will shape the outcome of a brighter Lebanon.

From behind the wall of our painful situation, and from the deep darkness that surrounds us, we have tried to conceive a picture of the future, and the construction of its world. With its large outlines, and its clear indications, we have set down the principal foundations for the new Lebanon.

  1. Lebanon is a noble Arab country and a founder member of the Arab league. It is committed to its pacts. It is not neutralist, but active, and may play an active role in the economic, political and defence problems of the region.
  2. Lebanon, a founder member of the United Nations, is fully committed to its pacts, and is one of the legislative members of the human rights bill.
  3. Due to their geographical position and their cultural horizon, the Lebanese have a cultural, social and developmental mission in their Arab society and in the world. And as much as they apply his heritage, by means of sincere and clear generosity, the role of Lebanon and it personality will be fulfilled.
  4. The Lebanese nation, that has various cultures, belongs to one civilization and a unique political existence. This was demonstrated by the last events, in which it was also confirmed that this Lebanon is the unique and ultimate nation with no other alternatives to its constitution.
  5. Lebanon is a parliamentary democratic country. We try by education and national awareness to itch these moral values in the conscience of the Lebanese. without referring to clichés and unsubstantial speeches. Democracy runs parallel to the justice, which guarantees its existence.
  6. Justice is the symbol of the state. The condition to bring individuals under the state-law is the protection of the citizens against sectarianism and feudality. The redressing of justice is a wish and an unpardonable demand to radicalize loyalty towards this country. The country will succeed and will confirm its personality and wide representation. We will fight until justice becomes the symbol of the Lebanese and his/her daily bread.
  7. Reality is the preoccupation of existence. We look for it. We run after it. If reality coincides with our thinking and our horizons, we enter thus into the existence of the human being who knows himself, and thus we contribute in the construction of civilization.
  8. Freedom is to be able to say what you want, where you want and when you want It. Freedom is only restricted by its objective; reality.
  9. Politics is a science of knowledge, art and ethics. A politician should possess a sincere word, straight behavior and clean hands. He should rise above all temptations, courageous in telling the truth, capable of bearing the responsibility of a nation and its history.
  10. Work is sacred. We respect it and place it at a high level of our consideration. It is the structure of the future and will alone record our history.
  11. Economic liberty is the light of Lebanon. It expresses its nature and its distinctions. It is a fertile field to show the aptitudes of its citizens.
  12. The economical free system guaranties personal initiative and private property.

Date 10/12/1998

The President

Jaques Tamer

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