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We Are Futurists

Our Candidate's Electoral Program 2000

English Version only highlights the major points.
Click here for the arabic full version of the program.

Mr. Jacques Tamer considers that education is the basis of civilization & social eminence. He calls on the educated forces to lead the way, to exercise pressure through political and intellectual encounters in order to effect changes and build the New Lebanon on grounds of national cohesion all within a democratic republic.

Freedom and Democracy
Freedom and justice go hand-in-hand. Freedom issues are listed as follows:

  • Provide basic living standards
  • Enforce the Human Rights regulations Only democracy can insure a political harmony between the varied parties in Lebanon.

    Mr. Jacques Tamer calls on all involved parties to seek our true identity based on History, in order to define our future.

    Public concern should outweigh personal interests at all times.
    The people of Lebanon in their pursuit of total liberation have to rely on the national army backed up by the Syrian forces to secure long-term stability.

    Social Justice
    In order to alleviate the collective frustration of all work forces, Mr. Jacques tamer has prepared 2 studies on old age and the youth generation. Following are the recommendations that have been issued concerning the youth empowerment program:

    1. Solving unemployment: working on reducing unemployment by reducing brain drainage of young Lebanese scientists & intellectuals
      • Thru long-term loans to entrepreneurs.
      • Financing family-owned businesses with an emphasis on the agricultural and industrial fields
      • Training the youth on loan management and how to put to good use
      • Promote the use of technology in all small projects
      • Develop new methods to enhance productivity and offer training
      • Ensure distribution of products locally and internationally
    2. Establish youth centers with the help of public municipalities
    3. Rethinking the laws that govern the National Social Security Fund to suit common goals of the youth in seeking employment and better living standards.
    4. Miscellaneous Recommendations:
      • Emphasis on education and its importance on new generations
      • Involve the young, above 18, in policy making thru engagement in all elections
      • Hold meetings with the youth to exchange practical thoughts
      • Establish specialized centers to deal with problems of the young
      • Increase the allocation of funds for the Directorate of Youth & Sports
      • Spread the Scout Movement all over the Lebanon and establish sound communication between its divisions
      • All educational sectors, schools & universities, have to instill programs to curb corruption of minds and re-emphasize the national feeling.
      • Encourage sporting activities in all Lebanese regions.
    The second study tackles the issue of old-age security and the how to provide the minimum acceptable standard of living to retirees and old people. Solution:
    1. Insure a retiree salary to former employees reaching the age of 60. This should not be confined to public employment only but also to the private sector
    2. Provide proper medical allowances
    3. Issue special discount cards benefiting old-age when going on trips inside Lebanon and visiting museums, etc
    Where does the government secure procurement of funds for such a program? The study pointed out also to the details of the program, such as retiring age, conditions of allocations to the old, form or context of allocations, amount of monthly payments, All such designs should be sorted out between the government, the NSSF and business owners in order to ensure practicality and compliance

    Mr. Jacques Tamer believes that growth should be equitable and based on knowledge that governs the objectives of work. He calls for instituting decentralization of decision-making in order to give more leeway to local councils to listen to people's demands & worries and effect them.

    Visiting Maronite Cardinal Nousrallah Sfeir Iftar Celebration Dinner in 1998
    Some LDM Members Visiting Maronite Cardinal Nousrallah Sfeir An Iftar celebration Dinner in 1998

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