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We Are Futurists

Our Candidate's Electoral Program

Jaques Tamer considers education a base for promotion. For that reason, he has asked and is still asking for the educated choice of people to cut open their way across intellectual and political saloons from which public currents are born carrying the seeds of the principles of humanity. As a result, the national will gathers around a new conception that creates a national coherent society in a democratic republic frame. He also considers freedom and justice as peers, without them, there is no life or entity for any existence.

Freedom is the first and ultimate target for the citizens of Lebanon. Freedom is the essence for our existence.

The attitude towards freedom is outlined in the following statement of our president, "TO FURNISH GENEROUS LIVING MEANS AND TO APPLY THE CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHT." Jaques Tamer considers that democracy can’t be separated from publication and their encounter is not circumstantial. As there is no democracy without real free publication, and no free publication without real democracy; he sees that multiplicity of responsible and free publication is a must for a democratic rule; for it works upon balanced criticism, and slows down the rule excess and mistakes as it faces the public with all facts.

He asks the political leadership to look for the right identity and to draft one from the inspiration of the past in order to look up the future. The alternative is present in developing the system to cope with the progressive growth of our current age.

He calls for the dominance of the general good upon the individual one. He considers honesty as the guideline for rules and discipline. He sees that the country has no dignity unless the south and western Bekaa be liberated from the filthiness of Zionist occupation. This can’t come true unless the citizens stand side by side with their courageous army, Syria and the national resistance.

Jaques Tamer sees that harmony between the ruling staff must be devoted to the service of the public and that the power must flow out of the state authority through laws and conventions.

He believes that economical rise is based on knowledge, which determines the deed targets. He works to apply decentralization that permits participation in decision. It means to give more power to local administrations, organize the public policy and its decisions in a correct shape, push the central administrations to listen to the citizens, and to answer their claims.

Our president calls to establish housing cooperatives, technical schools, educational institutions, infirmaries in all the Lebanese territories, organize art and tourist festivals, rehabilitate the under-construction and to attain farmers health security.

Visiting Maronite Cardinal Nousrallah Sfeir Iftar Celebration Dinner in 1998
Some LDM Members Visiting Maronite Cardinal Nousrallah Sfeir An Iftar celebration Dinner in 1998

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